Sand-Art by KB The Sandman

Dreams, visions and reality

Sandman is dreaming, too - preferable big and colourful. Some of the following dreams already came true. Further below you find a few ideas waiting for realization.

Big size installations

Black Magic

size 24 x 79" / 60 x 200 cm
price 6,000 Euros
for one picture

Land Mark

size 31 x 71" / 80 x 180 cm
price 7,200 Euros
for one picture


The mega Sandpicture in a simple frame as a build-in element for wall recesses or as a room partition. A couple of such projects have been realized yet. Mostly in cooperation with architects, who embedded the Sandpicture as an element of calm into their master concept.

technical details

Fixed on the sides of the frames you find big metal bolts. In the designated recess space the counterparts will be fixed. The bolts are nesting in them. This way the picture can be flipped effortless.


Standard wood frames are coming in black or walnut wood, which is treated with natural oil several times and finally waxed. Wenge, teak, oak or other common timbers are available. The wood frame is relatively massive so it can the turning bolts can be fixes safely. Steel frames can be held much slimmer and can be either produced of nickel-chrome or lacquered steel.

Let us know your preferred size. We produce two standard sizes. Therefore they are a bit better priced: Black Magic and Land Mark. Many times I've been asked how big can we go? Think of an aquarium - it is about the height of the element because of the water pressure. My research so far went up to 120 cm / 3'. So 120 x 300 cm / 3 x 10' is possible. Bigger sizes run into a test object, because there no proof scales exist. I have to take to account that the first try can fail. According to this such projects run quite a bit more costly.


I respect the demands of the designer usually implemented them insofar they technically are going conform with the requirements of a Sandpicture. Size, shape, colour and material of the frame are varying amplitudes the customer or the already existing concept are presetting. How does this work? You provide us with as clear as possible details about size and shape of the picture, material of the frame and the sand blend you wish for. The most critical part is always the sand colours. Naturally you want to see first, how the combination of sands will come out before you order a design object in the value of several thousand Euros. Therefore I offer the following service: With your preferred colours I produce two or three samples in small scale. Those you'll get for your evaluation. Most times one of the samples is perfect. Sometimes I've to produce a second set of samples, where mostly only fine-tuning is needed: A bit more of that sand, a bit less of the other colour.

Delivery time

When all details are fixed, your dream of a Sandpicture goes into production. It takes 6 - 9 weeks for finishing it, stowing it into a solid wood crate, put onto a pallet and sent to your destination.

Alpen Jodel

size 28 x 110 x 82" / 70 x 280 x 209 cm
price 34,000 Euros

Complete solution

You want to have a complete chest with a picture and various light options build in? No problem. I am cooperating closely with carpenters and black smiths who contribute their part to a master piece. The realization of your idea is in good hands. You can expect a total work of art where for any details has been taken care.

example Alpen Jodel

Alpen Jodel is a massive body in alpine hut look. The Sandpicture is built into the cut-out and can be tilted there. Visible from both sides. The sheeting is made with antique wood which has been exposed to the alpine climate for 80 years or longer. The inside case is made of wood, then finished with an iron mica lacquer to give the look of forging grade steel. So is the frame. Three different light variations are built in, all separately operating:

  • 6 halogen spots bringing out a natural light, which highlights the game of the sands.
  • 2 LED colour changers operated with a remote, if it shall become trendy.
  • 2 LED water-waves projectors produce the light reflections you know from the ceiling of an indoor pool.

The Mind Spa

size 110 x 138 x 94" / 280 x 350 x 240 cm
price 96,000 Euros

Think Big

Grand Rapids, Michigan hosts the annual art contest Art Prize. For that event I thought: Go big or go home!
The vision was an installation where you have the feeling to be surrounded by a Sandpicture.
I built 5 Sandpictures into show cases which are assembled in a semicircle for a 180° vision of permanently moving sand mountains as far as the eye can reach. You are virtually melting together with the artwork.
To enhance the sensual pleasures a light installation is running in the background of the pictures realized by Austrian light artist Johannes Frueh. It is simulating the course of a day: First the sun rising at the left show case moving the way to the right, next the dusk followed by a night sky with simulated northern lights.
To make it complete there is a soft background sound of natural noises like wind and water. Standing inside this epic work of art and watching the sands moving is a highlight and stimulates your fantasy.

Technical finesse

The front sides are covered with genuine slate, which like a moving Sandpicture always comes in layers.
The audio system which plays the natural noises can also be used to feed in any other kind of music. 5 times 70 W with the two amplifiers.
The light installation is made with built in LED bars which are operated through a DMX interface. The program runs on a Mac-book. Therefore any other light feature could be programmed and ran on the technical devices.

Vision 1

The Mind Spa is a derivation of a concept which I would like to realize next.
Imagine a whirlpool or a Japanese hot tub which is encompassed with Sandpictures at eye level, illuminated with light situations from behind like a sunrise or a starry sky. You sit in the hot pool surrounded by permanently changing landscapes.
Now add the music of your mood. That's spa on highest level.

Vision 2

The Mind Spa would perfectly go as a background of a Black Jack pool in a casino While the gambling on the table creates nervousness the Sandpictures in the background create calm and relaxing motion. According to Las Vegas manners people can bet how long each Sandpicture will take for one full run.


Standard objects: see examples above
customized: consult our price calculator.

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