Sand-Art by KB The Sandman

Show Room

You entered the virtual show room of Sandman. Here you can find a select assortment out of 30 years of tireless creating. All these pieces are made by the master himself. So each piece is one of a kind even the limited editions. Most of these Sandpictures are still available – feel free to ask.

Rainbow Vision

wall mounted
size 80 x 52" / 202 x 132 cm
limited edition 20 pcs.
price 7,900 Euros

Six round pictures in the colours of the rainbow fixed on panels coming in the respective complimentary colour. The panels are made with an application of the colour powders you can find inside the Sandpictures themselves. 1987 when I started experimenting with Sandpictures I had the vision of being able creating them in all colours of the rainbow. 30 years later I brought that vision into a big size artwork.


light object
size 14 x 14 x 24" / 35 x 35 x 60 cm
price 3,500 Euros
size 12 x 12 x 20" / 30 x 30 x 51 cm
price 2,900 Euros

Four Sandpictures assembled to a hollow cube which is sitting on the base. Built into the base there is a powerful halogen spot illuminating the sands from inside through the smooth opal glass. The sand blend includes white, black, green and gold. In Japan the best relaxation you can is staying in one of the countless Ryokan Hotels. Those are the traditional hotels which besides food creations beyond words offer hot tubs, the so called Onsen. The hot outdoor pool reveals an ambiance of either a graceful garden or a worth seeing landscape - at some places with a look to Mt. Fuji. Out of that inspiration the stand lamp 'Ryokan' was born.

Mountain Range Walnut

wall attached
size 30 x 41" / 75 x 105 cm
price 3,900 Euros
size 37 x 53" / 95 x 135 cm
price 6,500 Euros

A plain picture with a frame made of walnut wood, with wall fixture. The sand blend is based on natural tones, white, brown and gold. Both sizes are also available in black or white frames in which the black/white sand blend and also colourful blends are standing out. Sandpictures leaving away any padding are in my opinion the most beautiful ones, because here the sand plays the main role. Such a beautiful landscape can be left untouched for several days before you turn again.


standing object
size20 x 36 x 7" / 51 x 91 x 18 cm
price 2,900 Euros

Model Star

standing object
(frame black only)
size 16 x 25 x 6" / 40 x 64 x 15 cm
price 1,300 Euros

Sandpictures in rhomboid shapes, framed in black with a gold decor rim. The picture is held by brass poles standing on a wood base. The sand blend contains white, black, ruby and gold.
Rhomboid Sandpictures are pretty willful. Only if you turn them the right way they will unfold their full beauty and reward with the most beautiful landscapes painted in sand, which a Sandpicture can produce.
Therefore they are - according to my perception - the symbol of female nature.

Barbie Family

wall attached tryptich
size 46 x 40" / 118 x 102 cm
limited edition 99 pcs.
price 3,500 Euros

Three wall attached pictures, 70, 44 and 30 cm / 28", 17" and 12" diameter need the above mentioned space if attached to the wall as the family. They can also lined up vertically or horizontally. These pictures are only available as a set of three. Frame and background can be black or white. The sand blends are the three primary printing colours cyan, magenta and yellow. The initial name of this creation was CMYK - the basic colours of offset printing - you see symbolized the three press rolls. My friend Monika could not associate CMYK and said: Oh look, the medium one looks like a barbie. So the name changed into Barbie Family, representing Barbie, Ken and Barbette...
Sandpictures omitting all padding are in my opinion the most beautiful ones, becasue the moving sands are the highlight. Sometimes the landscape is so stunning that you want to keep it for several days without turning.


wall attached
size 30 x 53" / 75 x 135 cm
price 4,900 Euros


wall attched
size 18 x 18" / 45 x 45 cm
price 699 Euros

Plain Sandpictures put into baroque frames with wall mount. Palazzo could be placed into a venetian style palace as much as in a modern designer loft.
In my art style which I call kinetic pop art, the frame is a deliberate stylistic device to increase the pop-effect. I love those baroque frames because they boost the beauty of the Sandpicture.

Big Hole

wall attached
size D = 41" / 105 cm
price 5,500 Euros
size D = 47" / 120 cm
price 7,000 Euros

Gold Medal

size D = 22" / 56 cm
price 1,300 Euros

Big size wall attached picture put into a bulk frame of 9 cm / 3-1/2" depth, giving an impression of even more depth.
Caution heavy! 105 cm /41" diameter weighs 48 kilos / 106 lbs. The bigger the picture, the thicker the glass panes must be used to allow the sands moving the right way. It often takes days to find and adjust the right balance between the amount of water, air and sand for the perfect motion of the sands. These pictures can be customized with all different sand blends we are offering.

Big Mouth

wall attached
size 28 x 18" / 72 x 46 cm
limited edition 15 pcs.
price 3,000 Euros

Frame cast of gypsum covered with a multilayered metallic lacquering, then finished with a hand patina. There are people they say I'm always talking about sand and Sandpictures. Hmm. There could be done something with that...
The prototype for this frame I built up with a modeling mass similar like gypsum in several layers. It became the molding model from which exactly 15 pcs. will be cast. You can choose black or ruby lips if that is what you prefer.


standing object
size 30 x 18 x 64" / 75 x 45 x 162 cm
price 6,900 Euros

Sandpicture framed with oak wood and put on a restored antique sewer machine table with nickel-chrome turn-poles. This artwork belongs to the cycle machines. The industrialization ought to have the sense making work easier to ease our lives a little bit.
It occurs to me that the initial concept failed for the bigger part. It went hectic with all the machines, technical improvements and lately electronics. To highlight this topic I use machine parts which I combine with the calm emanating Sandpictures.

Beat Box

standing object
size 44 x 20 x 118" / 112 x 50 x 300 cm
price 27,000 Euros

Big shot

standing object
One round Sandpicture only
size 44 x 20 x 80" / 111 x 50 x 202 cm
price 15,000 Euros

Big corpus with three round Sandpictures reminding of a HiFi speaker. The two lower pictures can be hand-turned as usual. The top one, because it's difficult to reach is operated by a motor turning permanently. Built into the corpus there is an audio system with speakers and amplifier. On the front you find a drawer which hosts the controller with a plug-in station for computer, cell phone, I-pad or similar to plug your own music. The audio system is strong enough to play a decent hotel lobby.
Music is what many people combine with the calming effects of Sandpictures. That's why I wove those elements together to a total work of art.
There are three pieces of the Beat Box:
The one you see pictured here with glossy black surfaces.
Model 'Classic' comes with a beautifully walnut veneer front.
And 'Dub Station' is plastered with graffiti.
The Big Shot is the lower half put onto a stone base. It includes the same stereo equipment.

Fiat Lux

light object
size 15 x 12 x 65" / 38 x 30 x 166 cm
price 5,500 Euros

A futuristic standing lamp made of two glass cylinders put one into another, between which the sand floats the way down through the water. The construction is made of solid aluminum, milled and anodized. The base is hosting a big 50 W halogen spot which illuminates the cylinders and the sand.
The cylinders are held by metal rings and can be flipped easily at the connecting poles. Light is changing impression and colours of sands while the sands are moving their way down. You will find changing light situations in your room.
This stand lamp is bright enough for a motion light in a moderate sized living room. Fiat Lux also comes with black or golden anodized metal parts.

Road Trip

standing object
size 37 x 16 x 7" / 94 x 40 x 17 cm
price 1,900 Euros

A show case made of wood with two built in Sandpictures held in a 1950ies style. When observing the Sandpictures you will frequently be reminded to landscapes you've seen.
In winter time, when your old-timer stays in the garage, watch the pictures and dream of cruising your car through those landscapes. The two classic model cars Cadillac Biaritz and Corvette Stingray are included.


wall attached
size 20 x 47" / 51 x 120 cm
price 6,900 Euros

This 'frame' is made of a ply wood board with applications of a plaster-like molding mass of white Italian marble. The object is covered with a six-layers special effect spray lacquering. The applications are partly covered with 24K leaf gold and partly with leaf brass treated with an artificial oxidation.
Again a rhomboid. This time unmistakably feminine.
What's on a man's mind - and how does the sand artist work creative on what most men are thinking of?


wall attached
size 20 x 36" / 51 x 91 cm
price 2,900 Euros

Sandpicture with wall fixture with several options of interpretation. Does it mean endless such as a Sandpicture with each turn produces endless opportunities of formations? Does it remind of eye glasses or binoculars through which far away mountains can be observed?
It is in the eyes of the beholder, just like the interpretation of what one likes to see in a Sandpicture. Sandpictures contain an unbelievable potential of creativity and have been used as a therapeutic instrument many times. Watching the moving sands comes close to a meditation and has a soothing effect on everybody. All that without learning special techniques.
Just turn it, watch it and replenish good vibes!

Sandman wishes you joy while choosing your preferred artwork and many wonderful hours at home while your daily savoring of the magic of your Sandpicture.